duplicity.file_naming module

Produce and parse the names of duplicity’s backup files

class duplicity.file_naming.ParseResults(type, manifest=None, volume_number=None, time=None, start_time=None, end_time=None, encrypted=None, compressed=None, partial=False)[source]

Hold information taken from a duplicity filename


Convert string s in base 36 to long int

duplicity.file_naming.get(type, volume_number=None, manifest=False, encrypted=False, gzipped=False, partial=False)[source]

Return duplicity filename of specified type

type can be “full”, “inc”, “full-sig”, or “new-sig”. volume_number can be given with the full and inc types. If manifest is true the filename is of a full or inc manifest file.

duplicity.file_naming.get_suffix(encrypted, gzipped)[source]

Return appropriate suffix depending on status of encryption, compression, and short_filenames.


Parse duplicity filename, return None or ParseResults object


Return string representation of n in base 36 (use 0-9 and a-z)